Everest Base Camp

Everest Base Camp

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  • Mark "Nigel" Durrell

    Just bouncing around, wondering how the trek turned out, hope all was a sucess, and many stories to be told, pictures to see. I’ll be around sometime mid-June, and I’ll give you a warning shot when I do. Gotta kick back with an old bud, and share some tall tales. Reeeherr Herrr ! ( I’ll explain that later. . . ) Mark

    • Hi Mark-

      Yes, the trek turned out wonderful! We have already started planning the 2012 Everest Trek! Nepal is really a special destination. Jim and I are setting up some slideshows of the trek for the community, if you’d like, I can send you the finalized dates and places.

      Thanks for checking us out!

      Cheers! Melissa

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